How to Make Tote Bag With Flat Bottom

In today’s fashion world, tote bags have established themselves as an essential item because of its adaptability and chic appearance. They are ideal for transporting groceries, novels, needs for the beach, and pretty much anything else that you might require on the road. Traditional tote bags frequently lack structure; however, a tote bag with a flat bottom offers more support and enables the bag to stand upright, which makes the bag easier to use and more handy overall. In this piece, we will walk you through the process of producing a tote bag with a flat bottom, step by step, so that you may make your very own tote bag that is both fashionable and practical.

Materials You’ll Need

Before we dive into the step-by-step guide, gather the following materials:

  1. Fabric: Choose a durable and stylish fabric of your choice. Canvas, denim, or cotton are excellent options.
  2. Lining Fabric: Pick a complementary fabric for the lining of your tote bag.
  3. Interfacing: This will add structure to your bag’s bottom and make it flat.
  4. Ruler or Measuring Tape: Precise measurements are essential for a well-fitted bag.
  5. Scissors and Pins: For cutting and securing fabrics in place.
  6. Sewing Machine: You can hand-sew, but a sewing machine will make the process quicker and more efficient.
  7. Thread: Use a thread that matches your fabric color.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1- Measure and Cut the Fabric
Cutting and measuring your fabric pieces is the first step. For the body of the bag, you’ll need one piece for the front and one for the rear. For the sides and the straps, cut two more pieces each. Use the same measurements to cut the lining fabric as you used for the main components.

Step 2- Reinforce with Interfacing
Apply interfacing to the wrong side of the main fabric piece that will make up the bottom of the bag in order to give it a flat bottom. Make sure the interfacing completely encloses the bottom.

Step 3- Create the Straps
The correct sides should be facing inward when dividing the two strap sections in half lengthwise. Leave the ends free while you sew along the long edge. The straps should be turned inside out and pressed flat. To give the edges a glossy appearance, topstitch them.

Step 4- Attach the Straps
Make sure the straps are positioned properly and downward on the right side of the main fabric piece (front). Place them with pins, then sew firmly.

Step 5- Assemble the Bag
The right sides of the bag’s front and back pieces should be facing one another. While leaving the top unpinned, secure the bottom and side edges. Sew the edges together to hold the straps in place.

Step 6- Box the Corners
Box the bag’s corners so that the bottom is flat. To create a triangle, pinch each corner while lining up the side and bottom seams. The desired depth of your bag’s bottom should be measured and marked. Stitch along a straight line that is drawn perpendicular to the seam. Cut off any extra fabric.

Step 7- Create the Bag Lining
The lining pieces should be assembled in the same way as the main fabric.

Step 8- Attach the Lining
Place the lining into the main bag with the right sides facing each other. Pin the top edges and side seams into place after matching them. Leave a little gap to turn the bag right-side out while you sew along the top edge.

Step 9- Finish the Bag
Through the hole in the lining, flip the bag over. Close the opening with sewing, then tuck the bag’s lining inside. To give the bag a tidy, polished finish, press it.


Many congratulations to you! You have just finished making your very own tote bag that has a bottom that is level. This fashionable and practical addition will be of great use to you in a variety of settings, as it will give you adequate space for your goods as well as provide them with stability. Experiment with a variety of fabrics and patterns to create a tote bag that is distinctive to your personal taste.

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