10 choppy bob hairstyle ideas

Classic Choppy Bob:

This is a timeless and versatile option. It features short to medium-length hair with textured layers throughout.

Wavy Choppy Bob:

Adding waves to a choppy bob can give it a beachy, carefree feel. Use a curling iron or sea salt spray to achieve this look. 

Messy Choppy Bob:

Embrace a messy, undone look with a choppy bob. Use a texturizing product to create a tousled appearance, and you can even opt for slightly uneven, jagged ends for added edge.

Asymmetrical Choppy Bob:

Consider making one side slightly longer than the other for an asymmetrical bob.

Blunt Choppy Bob:

This style features a strong, even line at the ends, but with textured layers for added dimension.

Layered Choppy Bob:

This creates depth and volume, making it ideal for those with thin or fine hair who want to add body.

Choppy Bob with Bangs:

You can pair your choppy bob with different types of bangs, such as blunt bangs, side-swept bangs, or wispy fringe, to create a customized look that suits your face shape.

Colorful Choppy Bob:

Add a pop of color to your choppy bob with highlights, lowlights, or vibrant fashion colors.

Textured Pixie Bob:

If you're feeling adventurous, you can opt for a shorter, pixie-style choppy bob.

Choppy Bob with Undercut:

For an edgier look, consider adding an undercut to your choppy bob. Shaving the underside of the hair creates contrast and makes the choppy layers on top stand out even more.