10 Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Pixie Cut

 A classic pixie cut is a timeless choice that can be customized to suit your face shape and personality. It's low-maintenance and looks great on mature women.

Bob Cut:

A short bob that hits just below the chin or at the jawline is flattering and versatile. You can add layers or keep it blunt, depending on your preference.

Layered Bob:

 Add some layers to your bob for extra texture and movement. This can give your hair a youthful and trendy appearance.

Short Shag:

 A short shag haircut with layers and choppy ends can provide a carefree and stylish look for women over 50.

Asymmetrical Cut:

 Go for an asymmetrical bob or pixie to add a touch of edginess to your style. It's a modern choice that can make you stand out.

Cropped Cut:

 A super-short cropped cut or buzzed hairstyle can be bold and liberating. It's a no-fuss option that exudes confidence.

Textured Crop:

 Keep it short but textured with a cropped hairstyle. This adds depth and interest to your hair while keeping it easy to manage.

Short and Sleek:

 A sleek, straight bob or pixie can look elegant and polished. Use a flat iron or straightening products to achieve this smooth style.

Curly or Wavy Bob:

 If you have natural curls or waves, embrace them with a short curly or wavy bob. It's a chic and low-maintenance choice.

Spiky Pixie:

Add some spiky texture to your pixie cut for a playful and youthful appearance. This works well for those who want a bit of edge in their style.