10 top Fall Hair Trends


Natural Textures:

Embracing your natural hair texture will likely continue to be a trend.

Natural Textures:

Vintage-inspired looks from the '70s, '80s, and '90s may make a comeback. Think voluminous curls, mullets, and shaggy hairstyles.


Braided hairstyles, including intricate braided updos, fishtail braids, and box braids, may remain popular for the Fall season.

Short Haircuts:

Short haircuts like pixie cuts and bob hairstyles often make a comeback during the fall as they are easy to maintain and style.

Warm Tones:

Fall typically sees a shift toward warmer hair colors, including shades of red, auburn, copper, and golden brown.

Balayage and Highlights:

Subtle balayage and face-framing highlights may continue to be in demand, adding dimension and brightness to hair.

Hair Accessories:

Hair accessories like barrettes, headbands, and scarves can add a stylish touch to your fall look.

Undercut Designs:

For those looking for a bold style, undercut designs with intricate patterns or shaved accents may be on-trend.

Blunt Bangs:

Blunt, straight-across bangs can give your hairstyle a chic and edgy look.

Low Maintenance Styles:

With busy fall schedules, low-maintenance styles that require minimal styling may be favored, such as messy buns, textured ponytails, and natural waves.