10 Types of Choppy Pixie Cuts Women Are Asking for This Year

Classic Choppy Pixie Cut

This timeless style features short, textured layers throughout the hair, creating a messy and effortless look.

Longer Side-Swept Pixie

 A variation of the classic pixie, this style keeps one side longer, allowing for dramatic, swooping bangs that frame the face.

Layered Choppy Pixie

 Layers of varying lengths are added to create depth and volume in the hair, resulting in a chic and edgy appearance.

Asymmetrical Pixie

 One side is cut shorter than the other, adding a touch of asymmetry and uniqueness to the hairstyle.

Tousled and Textured Pixie

 Achieved by adding plenty of texture and styling products, this look gives your pixie a disheveled and playful vibe.

Undercut Pixie

 This style features shaved sides or nape for a bold and statement-making pixie cut.

Pixie Bob

A slightly longer variation, the pixie bob combines the pixie's shortness with the bob's versatility, resulting in a trendy and chic hairstyle.

Razor-Cut Pixie

 Created using a razor for a sharp and edgy finish, this pixie cut adds a modern twist to the traditional style.

Faux Hawk Pixie

With a bit more length at the top and styled upwards, this pixie cut resembles a faux hawk, exuding confidence and attitude.

Spiky Pixie

 Ideal for those who want to experiment with a punk-inspired look, this style involves spiking the hair on top for an edgy and rebellious appearance.